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AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review (2023)




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Today, I want to talk about my experience with the AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner. As a busy person, keeping my home clean is always a challenge. But with this versatile cleaning machine, my life has become so much easier. Let me share my thoughts and opinions on this product in the following review.

AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

1. Powerful Suction: The AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner has impressive suction power that effortlessly handles large particles of garbage, making it great for pet hair and everyday messes.

2. Humidification Spray: With the additional spray function, this vacuum can not only sweep but also humidify the air. It’s a welcome feature, especially during dry seasons.

3. Lightweight and Maneuverable: The lightweight body allows for easy navigation around the house. It effortlessly reaches various dead corners, under the sofa, and even the bed bottom.

4. Balanced Cleaning: The robot’s brush design ensures balanced cleaning on both sides, expanding its reach and coverage area. No need to worry about missing any spots!

5. Intelligent Navigation: The AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner features intelligent drop-collision technology. It can detect obstacles and change direction, ensuring a thorough cleaning process.

What Can Be Improved

1. Lack of Reviews: Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any customer reviews of this particular product, which makes it difficult to compare experiences and opinions.

2. Limited Information: The product description lacks detailed information about the specific functions and specifications of the vacuum. It would be helpful to know more before making a purchase.

Quick Verdict

In conclusion, the AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful and versatile cleaning companion. Its strong suction, humidification spray, lightweight design, and intelligent navigation make it suitable for pet hair, hard floors, and carpets. Although there is a lack of customer reviews and detailed product information, based on my personal experience, I highly recommend giving this vacuum a try. It will save you time and effort in keeping your home tidy and fresh. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can find more information here.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Sweeping Robotic Vacuum, Mobile Spray Humidifier Vacuum Cleaner from Amazon. Living in the USA, I ordered this product on August 14, 2023, and I was pleasantly surprised by how fast it was delivered to my doorstep. It arrived within a few days, which was impressive.

When I opened the box, I found that it was empty. I was disappointed to see that there were no additional accessories or attachments included. It seemed like the package only contained the vacuum cleaner itself.


Brand: AZXY

Manufacturer: AZXY

Product Dimensions: 9.3L x 9.3W x 2.2H

Color: Black

Date First Available: August 14, 2023


The user guide for the AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner was not included in the box. However, I was able to find the documentation online. It was quite helpful in understanding the various features and functions of the vacuum cleaner. If you want to access the user guide, you can find it here.

Features – What We Found

Strong Suction for Handling Large Particles of Garbage

The AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner features a powerful suction mechanism that is capable of handling large particles of garbage while effectively sweeping and humidifying your floors. This means it can easily pick up dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris, leaving your floors clean and free from mess. With its strong suction power, this robot vacuum cleaner ensures a thorough and efficient cleaning performance.

Pro-tip: To maximize the suction power of the AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner, make sure to empty the dustbin regularly. This will prevent any blockages and maintain optimal performance.

Humidification Spray Function for Uniform Moisturization

One of the standout features of this robot vacuum cleaner is its built-in humidification spray function. This innovative feature allows it to simultaneously humidify the air while sweeping the floors. By pressing a button, the robot releases a fine mist of water, creating a more comfortable and moisturized environment. The humidification effect is evenly distributed as the robot walks, ensuring consistent moisture throughout the area being cleaned.

For more convenience, the AZXY robot vacuum cleaner also enables you to adjust the intensity of the humidification spray according to your preference. This way, you can customize the level of moisture in the air to suit your needs.

Additional information: To purchase the AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner with the featured humidification spray function, you can find it on Amazon here.

Lightweight Body for Easy Maneuverability

The AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner boasts a lightweight body, making it incredibly easy to maneuver and reach various difficult-to-clean corners. Whether it’s cleaning under the sofa, the floor, or even the bottom of your bed, this robot vacuum cleaner excels at accessing hard-to-reach areas. Its compact design ensures that no spot goes untouched, providing thorough and comprehensive cleaning throughout your home.

Balanced Brushing for Enhanced Cleaning Range

To ensure efficient cleaning, the AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner features brushes on both sides that work in perfect balance. This unique design allows for effective cleaning between the left and right sides of the robot, significantly expanding its cleaning range. By employing this mechanism, the vacuum cleaner can cover more surface area in a single cleaning cycle, saving you time and effort.

Pro-tip: To optimize the brushing performance, it is recommended to clean the brushes regularly. Removing any tangled hair or debris will prevent any potential obstruction and maintain the robot’s cleaning efficiency.

Free Planning and Intelligent Navigation

The AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner utilizes advanced technology to provide hassle-free cleaning. Its intelligent navigation system ensures that the robot can autonomously plan its cleaning route, making it efficient and time-saving. Moreover, the robot is equipped with drop and collision sensors, allowing it to intelligently detect obstacles and avoid accidents during the cleaning process. If it encounters an obstacle, it will automatically turn around and continue cleaning, guaranteeing a thorough and uninterrupted cleaning experience.

By employing free planning and intelligent navigation, this robot vacuum cleaner takes the guesswork out of cleaning, providing you with a seamless cleaning experience without the need for constant monitoring.

Concluding Thoughts

Our Score: 81

I recently purchased the AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner and I have been extremely satisfied with its performance. The powerful suction of this vacuum cleaner allows it to efficiently handle large particles of garbage, making it perfect for pet hair, hard floors, and carpets. What sets this vacuum apart is its unique feature of mobile spray humidification. Not only does it sweep, but it also simultaneously humidifies the air, ensuring a healthier environment.

The lightweight body of the AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner makes it easy to maneuver around difficult-to-reach corners, such as under the sofa, floor, and bed. This feature makes cleaning those often neglected areas much more convenient. The vacuum also features brushing on both sides, allowing for balanced cleaning and expanded coverage. I appreciate that it can intelligently navigate through obstacles with its drop collision technology, ensuring continuously efficient cleaning.

Overall, I highly recommend the AZXY Robot Vacuum Cleaner. Its strong suction power, mobile spray humidification, and easy maneuverability make it a standout product in the market. Experience the convenience of a clean home with this efficient and innovative vacuum cleaner. You can find more information about the product and make a purchase here.

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