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Coordinating Wood Floors With Wood Cabinets




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Wood Floors With Wood Cabinets

The trick to coordinating wood floors with wood cabinets is to select pieces with a natural finish. This will make mixing and matching wood pieces easier since the various types of wood grow together harmoniously. It’s also essential to avoid using heavy shellac coatings, which make the wood appear unnaturally shiny and lose the characteristics that make wood easy to pair with other types. Instead, opt for wood with natural finishes, giving you more options when matching wood pieces.

Wood Floors With Wood Cabinets
Wood Floors With Wood Cabinets


Choosing a floor color and cabinet finish that match should be easy, but some types of wood may not go together. Although wood is a versatile material, some types of wood will complement each other better than others. For example, cherry floors complement oak cabinets, and hickory melds well with many kinds of hardwoods. However, maple and oak don’t go together as well. To achieve the best match possible, consider combining both kinds of wood.

If you’re unsure what kind of wood will look best in a particular color, you can use a neutral wood tone. Light and medium brown woods go well with a range of wall colors. Darker-colored cabinets can look contrasting against birch flooring. Those with dark cabinets should consider Brazilian cherry, a rich, reddish brown that develops a medium tone over time.

Neutral undertones

While the neutral color wheel may help you determine the best wood tone for your space, it will not tell you about the undertones of the hardwood itself. If you’re coordinating hardwood floors with wood cabinets, choose a shade with similar undertones, and you’ll be on your way to a cohesive look. In a nutshell, neutral undertones are shades of beige or gray that give wood its beige appearance.

The first rule of color coordination between wood floors and cabinets is that the two should be complementary, each contributing a unique and complimentary element. For example, choose gray cabinets with warm undertones if the wood floor has a warm undertone. Then, match the wood cabinets to the floor to keep the space feeling cool. But don’t be afraid of contrasting colors. There are some great ways to achieve this, too.

Two-toned furniture

If you’ve recently finished renovating your kitchen, one of your biggest decorating challenges might be coordinating the wood floors with the wood cabinets. Pulling off a coordinated look can be tricky when the wood tones are too similar. Fortunately, there are some tips you can follow to avoid disaster. Here are some simple tips to avoid looking too lopsided:

If your kitchen has cherry cabinets and red oak floors, you can coordinate your floors with them. Cherry wood cabinets and red oak floors have similar undertones, which make them look good together. However, if you have a hickory floor, you should choose cabinets that match the darkest portion of the floor. Custom staining is an easy way to achieve this. If you’re unsure, you can always opt for a lighter wood floor.

Avoiding contrast

The trend of coordinating wood floors with wood cabinetry is both stylish and classic. While matching is one way to achieve a unified look, there are times when contrast is better. Listed below are tips to avoid creating too much difference. Here are a few things to remember when selecting coordinating wood floors and cabinets. Read on to get started. Then, start putting your design ideas into action!

Consider your preferences when choosing colors. While choosing a bold color that stands out may be tempting, it’s essential to ensure that it doesn’t clash with other elements. If you’re planning to move soon, pick a color you love. When choosing a wood floor, choose a darker color than the wood in the cabinets. For example, a dark hardwood floor should be paired with a light hallway floor. If your cabinets are maple, go with darker wood to create a more cohesive look.

Hickory hardwood

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, you may want to consider using hickory flooring in the area. This wood has high aesthetic appeal and comes in various hues. Its distinctive character marks and color variations, including burls and mineral streaks, give it a rustic, country appearance. It also holds stains well and can handle future refinishing and significant remodels.

While it may seem expensive and difficult to work with, hickory hardwood is one of the strongest wood available. It is the second-hardest wood after red oak. Its grain patterns are also indicative of its hardness. It is also dense, complex, and has excellent steam-bending properties. Although it is a dense, heavy wood, it’s also a perfect choice for homes with a rustic, country, or Mediterranean style.

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