Top 5 Best Steam Mop In 2019 For Sparkling Tile And Hardwood Floors

Days of cleaning the floor with a sponge and some soap water are gone. Now we are in a new era which changed the lifestyle and housing as well. Same applies to the floor and ways to clean that floor. Steam mops can be helpful to make your floor clean and stain-free.

After analyzing the different type of flooring and number of steam mops, we came across that these top 5 best steam mops are best if you are willing to choose a steam mop for making your floor clean.

1. Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner

Brilliantly designed and multipurpose steam mop tops the list of best of steam mops. Compatible with all type of flooring including tiles and hardwood floormate has a lot of additional features as well. Its dual tank technology provides you with comfort in filling the water separately. Packed with advanced technology and smart control of realizing some additional detergent on your fingertips for those stubborn stains on the floor makes it must have a machine for keeping your floor dirt-free and shiny as well.

Floormate also gives you the option of choosing the mode which is perfect for making the cleaning floor friendly. You can select the wash or dry mode according to your need. Choosing dry mode enables you to make your floor shiny gently and without hurting your floor in any way. Traditional ways of cleaning reduce the age of the floor and after a certain period. They lessen the natural attractiveness of the floor. At the same time, they also fail in killing the germ properly which can affect the health of the people living in the home or your office.

SpinScrub technology does scrubbing from all angles on the floor. Technology helps you in deep cleaning of the hard floors without facing any trouble of using things like a sponge or something for cleaning. Floormate’s wash and dry feature helps you in cleaning and suctioning up the water in one motion.  


  • Dual tank technology allows you to fill the clean water and dirty water separately. Ultimately, it provides easiness in the cleaning procedure.
  • The advanced controlling system enables you to control the amount of detergent as per the need of the place according to the intensity of dirt and stain on the floor.
  • SpinScrub brushes clean the floor through automatic scrubbing. Spin brushes can also scrub at the palaces where it is hard to do through your hands.
  • Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop  

2. Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop  

No other than PowerFresh Steam map is best when it comes to the natural germ-free cleaning. Powerfresh from the Bissell comes with the smart digital control system. The intelligent controlling system enables you to set the heat as per the floor needs. Natural heating system kills the germ without using any harsh chemical that makes eco-friendly as well.

Regardless of the type of floor, it enables you to do an in-depth, smart and eco-friendly cleaning of your floor. Besides this, it also prevents your floor from the external damages which can be caused in the traditional cleaning manner.  

When it comes to mop pads then powerfresh two smartly designed mop pads (scrubby and soft). These pads have Microban Technology and antibacterial properties. Microfiber fabric used in these pads is soft enough to protect the finishing of your floor, and at the same time, it also polishes your wood to remove the dirt and provide the shine. Both pads are washable, so you don’t have to buy a new one every day or dry cleaning of the pads after getting dirty.


  • The digital controlling system helps you to customize the amount of heat and use it efficiently for germs killing.
  • Washable scrubbers are removable. You can wash them on normal machines and can use them for getting better results.
  • The removable tank is easy to fill which will save your time in measuring the quantity and other factors while filling because this comes with an inbuilt system of measurement.

3. Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop

A conceptual piece of engineering Lift-Away Pro steam pocket mop is one of the best steam mops. Packed with the latest steam creation technology Shark Lift-Away allows you to release a large amount of steams on the places which are full of messes and stains. Shark Lift-Away comes with the 2-in-1 steam pocket mop and removable handheld steamer which provides you with the comfort of easy cleaning of the above-floor and high placed things. In simple words it allows you to clean the counters and curtains easily.

Like Bissell PowerFresh, Shark Lift-Away also uses the washable pads which are manufactured from microfiber. Integrated with the latest fabrication technology these pads are highly compatible with all kinds of hard floors.

When it comes to weight, then it only weighs 5 pounds and also has a 25-foot power cord. Shark Lift-Away beats the traditional way of cleaning in every term whether you consider the easiness or the cleaning quality. The perfectly engineered piece is best to make your house spotless and stain free no matter where they are you can clean almost every palace of your home. At the same time, it requires only 30 seconds to heat the steamer.


  • The smart steam controlling system makes it best for killing the germs and at the same time cleaning the stubborn stains thoroughly without putting too much effort.
  • Steam Blaster technology enables you to release some larger packs of steam at the dark and hard stains on the floor to make it shiny.
  • Handheld removable steamer makes it the best for cleaning the above floors and things easily.

4. BISSELL Spinwave Cordless Hard Floor Mop

Another masterpiece from Bissell is light weighted cordless mop stands out from the competition due to its advanced technology and efficient feature. Powered with 18V lithium-ion battery provides the ease of cleaning without putting the power cord in the socket.

Cleaning area of this amazingly perfected mop is 14 inch. Spinwave is equipped with controllable spray which enables you to put the amount of solution according to the need.

Washable mop pads fabricated with microfiber are floor friendly and compatible with all types of flooring including the hardwood, tile, linoleum, laminate, and vinyl. Mop pads are designed in a way that protects the flooring from any damage while cleaning and kills the germs as well.

Spinwave also has the dual purpose storage tray which makes the cleaning process convenient and extremely easy. In addition to this feature, Spinwave also makes less noise in comparison of others because of its battery backup and great machine architecture plan of the product designer. Spinwave comes with a multi-surface formula which is gentle on sealed hard floors and tough on the messes and stains.

Like the Bissell Powerfresh mop, it also has the automatic scrubbing feature which eliminates the need for scrubbing with hands.

  • On-demand spray feature enables you to spray the exact amount of solution which you think is needed for cleaning that stain or clean the floor.
  • Spinwave is designed in a way that it makes a way less noise while cleaning the floor. Quiet cleaning comes from its battery and advanced set of bearings fitted in its rotating machine.
  • Multi-surface formula makes it perfect for all types of flooring.

5. Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket Steam Mop

If you want a wholly hassle-free and quality cleaning, you must go for the Shark Genius because it has many latest features which you can’t get in others at this cost. The best thing in this exclusive steam pocket mop is its touch-free technology which enables it to release the dirty pad on touch and attach the clean one on a touch only. With a button, you can change the pads. Equipped with 22-foot power cord makes it best mop to clean each corner of your house. Shark Genius steam pocket mop also has the triangular mops for the effective cleaning of the corners of the house.

Steam blast technology allows you to release the high amount of steam at the areas where needed. On hard messes, it attacks too hard and removes them quickly. You can control the steam through buttons which are placed on the base of the body, but for releasing the steam, you don’t have to push the button. The mop comes with the automatic steam flow generation feature with which it starts the flow of steam as soon as it gets heated. Automatic steam makes the removal even more comfortable.

The spray bottle is designed to give you the control of spraying of the solution which ultimately saves you the amount of solution which can be wasted in many cases.

  • Stem control gives you the ability to control the intensity of the stem for the hard stains and more dirty places.
  • Triangular mop pads are capable of cleaning the corners of the house which enables you to clean your home properly and effectively.
  • Through touch-free technology, you can remove and attach the pads just with a button. So you don’t have to touch the dirty pads with your hands.
  • Pads have the dirt grip which absorbs the dirt and gives you a gleaming and clean floor after completing the cleaning process.

Buying Guide: Points to Consider For Buying a Steam Mop

One can’t overlook the need for steam mops in hassle free and friendly cleaning.  Steam mops provide the ease and at the same time complete security in terms of germs killing and physical security. Most of the steam mops kill the germs more effectively than the use of chemicals in scrubbing with clothes or any traditional mean. But you know the market is full of products, and daily we come across the thousands of newly launched ones as well. Here are some points you must consider before buying steam mop if you want to buy an effective machine instead of wasting money and realizing after the use of that product.

  1. Steam control

Different types of flooring need a different amount of heat for deep and effective cleaning. Some kinds of flooring can’t handle the high amount of heat and can get damaged if your steam mop doesn’t allow you to customise your heat settings as per the need. Always go for the mop which has the controlling heat system no matter the digital or dial one.

  1. Removable water tank

Checking whether your steam mop has a removable water tank or not, becomes even more crucial because you have to keep it empty when the mop is not in use. In removable tanks, it’s easy to fill and re-fill the water whenever it needs.

  1. Amount of time takes in the heating

We all know that time is the non-renewable thing which means saving time is the best thing one can do. You must check that the mop you’re going to buy heats up in the time less than a minute.  This will save you the time of waiting while your mop is getting heated.

  1. Wide-angle swivel head

Wide angled Swivel head enables you to clean the areas which are hard to reach like under the cupboards and along the walls.

  1. Light indicators

Having light indicators prevents accidents and also reduces mental stress because cleaning is a bit complicated thing in which you have to consider too many points. Guessing whether your mop is ready to use or not and is it empty or not can give you some additional stress which can cause some accidents like damage of the mop or sometimes physical injury as well. Before buying the mop, you must check that your mop has the ready light indicator and empty light indicator.

  1. Steam flow

The intention of buying a mop is decreasing the amount of physical labor needed to get the job done. Mop with the continuous flow can help you in doing so.

  1. Multipurpose

Some steam mops are beneficial for a particular type of flooring, but other ones are multipurpose. You can use them at any flooring. Always choose the multi-tasker it will enable you to clean the carpet and other surfaces with one mop only.


Mentioned products are best in terms of quality and prices, but you can also compare the prices and features as per your need with the products of other companies. Many times emerging e-commerce platforms have some offers and coupons which can save you some money. But make sure you buy from a renowned and trustable seller. You can check the trust of the seller and the manufacturer by checking the reviews they have gotten from their website and other social media platforms.