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How To Motivate People To Participate In Holiday Decorating At Your Office




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How To Motivate People To Participate In Holiday Decorating

These are some simple ways to get everyone involved in holiday decorating at work. Consider an Office potluck or Secret Santa. Or, perhaps, a Christmas bonus for your employees. Whatever the case, the key is to motivate your staff.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a great way to spread holiday cheer during the holidays. This gift-giving game involves having each person write their name on a slip of paper, and then randomly selecting the name of the person they want to give a gift to. The gift recipient must guess who gave it to him/her. Once they have the answer, they can open the present.

A Secret Santa gift exchange is a great way to increase holiday spirit. Either invite your employees to participate or designate one person to be Secret Santa for the entire office. Keep in mind that the host will keep a list of participants’ names. You will also need a gift tag with the recipient’s name, but not the gifter’s. Gift tags can make the event memorable and increase productivity.

You can also use a Secret Santa game to motivate your staff to participate in holiday decorating. To give everyone a chance to exchange gifts, you can also hold a potluck lunch. Some companies host Secret Santa parties at other times of the year. Another twist on the game is to have participating employees buy their gifts on eBay with a $25 limit for shipping.

Holiday bonuses

One effective way to motivate employees is by offering holiday bonuses. You can reward top performers by giving holiday bonuses that are proportional to their performance. This will help them feel appreciated and appreciated. So that your employees can look forward to their holiday bonus each year, it is important to have a consistent policy. Also, ensure that all employees receive the same amount of bonus. Part-time, contract, or temp workers should not feel excluded. They may decide to leave if they feel unfairly treated.

While holiday bonuses are a popular choice, it’s important to note that many employees don’t want to receive them. Recent employee surveys revealed that nearly half of respondents preferred to receive non-financial rewards. A multi-choice gift card or voucher is an excellent way to show employees that you value their work. If your company doesn’t offer holiday bonuses, you can always offer non-cash rewards like gift cards, extra paid time off, or even internal product discounts. No matter what reward option you choose to offer, be sure to handwrite a note to your employees. This small gesture can pay off in big ways.

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