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Decorating Your Living Room Wall




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Decorating Your Living Room Wall


When decorating your living area wall, you can use a variety art pieces. Large prints can give your living area a bold and modern look. Canvas prints are a great way to display your personal style. Because they take up little floor space, large prints are great for the living area. However, they make a big impression.

The size of your space will play a major role in choosing the right art piece. Hang large mirrors if your wall space is limited. They will make the space feel larger, and are also a good choice for small spaces. Lighting can also be used to highlight your artwork.

Accent walls

Accent walls are an easy and inexpensive way to add color to your living room. Neutral paint colors are a good start, but you can also use bright paints or wall decals. Stencils can be used to quickly decorate walls without spending a lot. You can use geometric designs, quotes, florals, or cityscapes. Stencilled seashells make a fun wall decor option for beach cottages. A sports logo can add personality to a mancave. Stencils are also washable.

Double raised panels can be used to create a modern, traditional, or contemporary accent wall. These panels can be used to create a stunning backdrop for your living room, no matter what style you have.


In order to add more life and colour to your living room, consider adding plants. Choose a variety of tropical houseplants. These houseplants can thrive in all climates and are great for the living area. Bromeliads and Peace Lilies are some examples of tropical houseplants. You can also choose an air plant for added flair, such as a Tillandsia or Arrowhead Plant. A wide range of ferns is available, including Maidenhair Ferns and Boston Ferns. Hanging plants are also possible.

You can choose from tall or small plants to decorate your living room wall. Because they make a statement, tall plants are a great choice for modern interiors. Tall plants can be used to brighten up dark corners and transform them into a tranquil retreat.


Mirrors are a versatile decorating piece that can enhance your living room. Mirrors can be used to create a gallery wall effect or you can choose from a variety of sizes and shapes. Consider using oval and round mirrors to create a contemporary look. You can also use slightly bent or asymmetrical reflections.

Mirrors can bring light into a room. Mirrors can make rooms appear larger or more spacious. They are also convenient for dressing because they can help you look better. Ask design professionals for their suggestions on the best place for your mirrors.

Canvas prints

You can buy many different types of canvas prints to decorate your living room walls. You can also order a custom print of your favorite photo, or piece of artwork. Be sure to get the right size print before you buy. You might find the art print too big. You should bring a measuring tape along to the store.

A great way to add color to your home is to use canvas prints. If you love Christmas, why not add a Christmas tree-themed canvas print to your living room wall? They can replace traditional framed family photos. In this way, you can display a vibrant family bond while also adding a modern touch to your living room.

Built-in shelving

Decorative wall shelves can be an excellent way to add functional storage space to your living room. There are several different styles and designs to choose from. Choose from a variety of wood finishes to suit your design scheme. You can also opt for an iron design that will add a unique touch and character to your living space.

Built-in shelving is not only useful for storage, but they can also be used as focal points. Built-in shelves are great for personalizing your home. They can be as small as 11 inches or as large as 36 inches.

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