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Theres A Reason Why Nobody Ever Put Anything Above The Sofa

There is a reason why nobody puts anything higher than the sofa. It’s because a single piece of art will make very little of an impact. Instead, choose bold and graphically appealing artwork that will create a central focal point. This will make a big impact against the background of the couch.

Avoid buying a matching set of furniture

Avoid buying matching sets when shopping for furniture other than a sofa. While buying matching sets may be expedient, they also make it difficult to mix and match styles and textures. Instead, consider buying more than one set and combining them to create a layered look. This way, you’ll be able to add the perfect pieces to your home over time.

When buying new furniture, consider the look of the entire room before making a final purchase. A matching set of furniture above a sofa doesn’t match the rest of the room. Contrasting color schemes and different arm styles are great ways of creating a cohesive look.

Avoid MDF furniture

If you have an older sofa and you’re looking to replace it, you should consider alternatives to MDF furniture. MDF, or medium-density fiberboard, is less dense and will likely fall apart within a year. It won’t hold staples well so it’s better if you buy furniture-grade plywood.

MDF is made from several pieces of wood that have been glued together. Although it looks similar to real wood, MDF contains high levels formaldehyde as well as other volatile organic compounds. These fumes can cause serious health problems.

Avoid overcrowding your living room

Living rooms should be spacious and welcoming. Overcrowding can lead to a hostile atmosphere. To avoid overcrowding, keep the number of seating pieces to a minimum. A couple with two children will have three chairs and a loveseat. Place a second sofa or loveseat on the opposite side of the room if you are planning to add one.

A lack of space is another major reason for overcrowding. If there isn’t enough space for seating, you may have to clean up the room each time guests come over. You may even have to rent a storage unit, sell some furniture, or move into a larger home.

Create a feature wall behind the sofa

An accent wall can be created by placing a wall behind your sofa. It is the perfect place to hang a large painting. An oversized piece of art will increase the impact of the accent, while a rectangular piece will leave more wall space. A wooden panel with cutouts is another option for accent walls. This way, you can cover the entire wall with stylized blossom shapes. The wood’s grain will be varied, highlighting the cutouts.

Another good option is a gallery wall. This wall can be used to display your favorite photos, paintings, and prints. You can also make a display wall with wall shelves.

Avoid putting anything above the sofa

When decorating above the sofa, keep it to a minimum. You can place a small table and chairs behind the sofa for an extra seating area. However, bar height tables are unattractive and look out of place above the sofa. To achieve the best effect, keep your table’s height below the back of your sofa. A normal height for a table is between 28 and 30 inches. Alternatively, you can leave nothing behind the sofa if you’re decorating with a minimalist style.

The distance between the sofa and any other furniture pieces is important. It is a good idea to leave at least 16 inches between the sofa and the coffee table. This will allow room for both the front legs of the sofa and the chairs.

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