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Creative Ways To Store Your Purses In The Back Of Your Closet




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Creative Ways To Store Your Purses In The Back Of Your Closet

A great way to organize your purses are to place them on shelves. There are several ways to do this. You can use a pegboard, acrylic magazine holders, fabric baskets, or hanging organizers. Some people like to use acrylic bins for their collections.


You can create your own purse-storage system using inexpensive items from your local hardware store, such as hooks, pegboard, and pegs. You can choose from a variety sizes to fit your purses, and organize them in an orderly manner. Pegboard is an excellent option for storage of clutches and crossbody bags. It can be stacked and painted to match your space.

Another great option is a purse cabinet. This is basically a bookcase with glass doors. It keeps dust out and provides excellent organization for purses. You can even purchase a cubby bookcase with eight separate cubbies and a flat bookshelf.

Acrylic magazine holders

Acrylic magazine holders are a creative way to store your purses in your closet. These clear dividers keep purses evenly spaced out and keep them from being shoved to the back of the shelf. You can even use them to organize your luggage. These clear dividers also make cleaning easy.

Magazine holders can also be used for other purposes. You could use them to organize your office supplies. Magazine holders are great for storing loose papers and files, so consider stacking them on top of each other in a vertically oriented row. Acrylic magazine holders are great for holding snacks and drinks.

A storage bin is another creative way to store your purses. These bins are great for organizing multiple collections. One can be purchased at the Container Store or Urban Outfitters. Hooks are another useful option for hanging purses outside of the closet. An urban outfitters seashell hook is another option for hanging bags.

Fabric baskets

You can also use a spare bookshelf to store your purses. The bookshelf can be placed inside or outside your closet. You can store large bags as well as smaller items such handbags. To keep large bags in their original shape, inserts can be used. For designer bags, you can also use dust covers to keep them in their original shape.

Another idea is to organize your purses by season. This will free up more space in your closet. You can also store your out-of-season purses in your storage room or attic. Using a clear PVC cover will protect your purses from dust and other particles while they are stored.

Hanging organizers

First, decide where to store your purses. You can easily find the purses you need by using shelves and dividers. Hanging purse organizers are another way to organize your purses. These can hang on the back of doors or on the wall. This way, they will be easily accessible when you need them. If you have a large collection of purses, you can use hooks to hang them.

Another creative way to store purses is by hanging them on wire racks. They can be hung from the back or in other places. You can also use clear acrylic dividers to store your purses so that you can easily find them. You can also store your purses on shelves with acrylic shelf dividers if you don’t like hanging them from the back.

Stuffing bags with newspaper

When you’re storing your purses in the back of the closet, you need to make sure they’re still looking neat and presentable. Some handbags are made to stand upright, so putting them on a shelf or in a bag stand is a great way to keep them looking nice. Other types of handbags may require more creative storage solutions. If you don’t like the look of newspaper, you can also use fabric remnants or acid-free paper towels to stuff the purse. But be sure to avoid putting newspaper inside your purse, as it may transfer ink to the lining.

Organizing your purses can be a challenge if your closet is small. If you have a large closet, you might want to consider putting your bags on shelves. This will make them easier to find if you stack them upright. Or, you can put them in an acrylic bin with a shelf divider. To make it easier to find your purses no matter where they are stored, label each compartment.

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